MT4 vs MT5: Which Forex Trading Platform Should You Choose?

The analysis tools allow traders to draw trend lines as well as support and resistance levels in their different forex charts. The MT4 platform has 31 different analytical tools available to the traders while there are very powerful analysis tools with the MT5 platform. The traders can choose from among 44 different analytical tools. Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors.

As a result, it has a broader range of features that may not be relevant to every trader—but if you trade multiple types of assets, it could provide better value for your trading goals. Such popularity means that there are millions of traders who are using MT4, resulting in a higher number of trading indicators and tools created by other traders. MetaTrader 4 is really a perfect platform for Forex trading, and after 15 years, it still is among the most used trading platforms. For trading platforms, charts are among the most important features.

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MT4 is comparatively simpler and easier to use, especially for forex traders. It allows traders to customize the interface of the platform as per their individual trading needs. This helps MT5 deliver macroeconomic news from across the globe to the trader that might impact their financial trading decisions. Yes, you can trade on both MT4 and MT5 if your chosen broker supports both platforms. However, you will need to have two separate accounts because you cannot log in to the MT5 platform with your MT4 account and vice versa. It works exactly like a Real account, except that you trade with virtual, not real money.

The information provided herein is for general informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be construed to constitute advice. If such information is acted upon by you then this should be solely at your discretion and Valutrades will not be held accountable in any way. Keep in mind, too, that you might start out benefiting most from MT4, only to realize later on that you’re ready to switch over to MT5. Wherever you’re at in your trading career, make sure your platform of choice is going to serve your trading goals. Ultimately, when it comes to MT4 versus MT5, the choice is a matter of personal preference.

What is the MetaTrader Platform?

Demo trading allows traders to experiment with the platform by putting in demo trades without investing real money. MT4 is built on a programming language that makes it suitable for beginner traders who are not very much included in creating their own algorithms for their trading strategies. MT5 is a little more complex as it consists of more trading features and enables traders to trade the stocks and futures market as well.

what is the difference between mt4 and mt5

The lower part of the terminal has two new tabs compared to MT4. The Company tab grants the trader direct access to his or her trading cabinet at the broker’s website. The Calendar tab gives quick access to the schedule of important economic events without having to visit third-party Forex calendars. Moreover, the Calendar’s information is also featured directly on chart in form of special timed banners.


Forex and CFDs are highly leveraged products, which means both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade in these products if you fully understand the risks involved and can afford to incur losses that will not adversely affect your lifestyle. The mobile version includes charts, all trading orders, analytics tools and also allows you to monitor your account statuses. You can also buy and sell all your financial instruments just as you would with a computer system.

  • In addition to currency pairs, MT5 is capable of offering you CFDs, stocks, futures, and commodities trading.
  • The most popular trading platforms today are called MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader.
  • It helps traders track the important financial announcements which may affect the price of the assets.
  • You can customize the interfaces to suit your individual trading needs.
  • Instead, MT4/MT5 will forward your orders to your brokerage firm in real-time.

Copying trades of signal providers with a broker depends on the broker servers. Therefore, the copying speed is higher here than when working through MT with MQL5. In MT5, the testing method is not based on tough control points, whose results are far from reality. The increased variety of analytical tools in MT5 is not a significant advantage in comparison with MT4. There are several times more custom indicators written for MT4, more than a hundred. The pending orders provided by the MT4 are enough for beginner traders.

What is MetaTrader 4 or MT4?

Then, once you click on ‘expert advisors’, you will need to locate the respective EA software file from your desktop computer. In the case of MT5 brokers, the numbers are just a small fraction of this. On the other hand, brokers such as Libertex offer support for both MT4 and MT5 – so you can switch between the two as you see fit.

The greater majority of forex brokers across the world utilize this technology. To understand how common MT4 is, just look at the MetaTrader 4 brokers list to get an idea of how many brokers actually use it. MT5 is a much newer trading platform than its older brother, but it is being picked up across the world very rapidly. The difference between the two platforms is fairly significant, and you can see it below. MetaTrader is arguably one of the best Forex trading platforms. MetaQuotes, a Russian company created this software and over the years, it has become the industry-leading trading platform.

what is the difference between mt4 and mt5

Additionally, MT5 also supports partial order filling policies. Expert advisors (EA’s) can automate your trading by using scripts that are uploaded to the platform. The instructions of the scripts are then automatically carried out. This saves you from having to be glued to your screen in order to close positions or miss out on a strong trading opportunity. At the same time, MT4 should already have most of the things an experienced coder will ever need, including OOP. If that’s not enough, then instead of MT5, you can have a look into using DLL or even other platforms with good API like jForex from DukasCopy.

MetaTrader 5

As such, there is no reason to believe that MT5 will ever replace MT4. On the contrary, the vast majority of online brokers still prefer MT4. With that said, we should note that the vast majority of third-party robot providers will developer their software for MT4. As such, if your primary goal of using a third-party platform is for automated trading – MT4 is going to be the best option on the table. However, we should note that you cannot use MT4 or MT5 in demo mode unless you have opened an account with a broker.

what is the difference between mt4 and mt5

Yes, many Forex brokers offer Forex trading through the MT5 trading platform. No, but many brokers offering the MetaTrader 4 trading platform also offer the MetaTrader 5 trading platform and will allow you to switch. Your investment profile does not meet our internal criteria for opening what is the difference between mt4 and mt5 a trading account with us based on the response provided. Please ensure that you have provided accurate responses before submitting your application. Security – The interchange of information between the platform servers, terminal, and the trader is encrypted using 128-bit keys.

Some people prefer simplicity and easy-to-use tools in MT4, and some people like the complex nature of MT5. I do not own the rights to sell the software that makes it possible to do so – because I did not create it. – I guess it would simply not be enough to combine those two and then create a Kickstarter project. – Maybe this would be worth an article posted in your blog – but I am unsure about a Kickstarter project.

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The platform may look outdated, but its reliability is unchallenged, which can explain the platform’s popularity. Hedging optionin MetaTrader 5 to encourage more brokers and traders to switch to MT5. The whole hype around MQL5 is that it brings OOP into algorithmic trading. That is why a lot of traders/programmers were so excited about MT5 in the first place.

Together this can speed up back testing procedures immeasurably. The Metatrader 5 trading platform is somewhat less commonly offered, although it is produced by the same company (the Cyprus-based MetaQuotes Software Corporation). To understand why this is the case, we need to take a closer look at the platform. Another important difference is that MT4 cannot run fast on 64-bit operating systems whereas MT5 can run on 32-bit operating systems. Furthermore, these two platforms don’t have the same server build-ups. The former has one dedicated server, which is limited in its interaction with other servers.

what is the difference between mt4 and mt5

While talking about MT4 vs MT5 Forex trading, it is essential to discuss automatic trading. Both of these trading platforms use Expert Advisors, which are manually coded programs for different types of automated tasks. On the other hand, if you want to take your technical analysis and research to the next level and you wish to trade non-forex CFDs – MT5 could be the better option. This is because you will have access to more indicators, drawing tools, execution types, and orders. On the one hand, both MT4 and MT5 are platforms suited primarily to technical traders that rely on pricing action and indicators. However, both platforms do offer fundamental research tools via financial news feeds.

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Our MT4 vs MT5 comparison found that both platforms look, feel, and operate almost like-for-like. In fact, there is very little to differentiate the two platforms in terms of usability. Crucially, unless your primary objective is to deploy an automated robot or forex EA – both MT4 and MT5 are suited for experienced traders. MT4 stands out as an ideal trading platform for the novice, and experienced traders are given that it is straightforward and easy to use. For this reason, it is the most widely used platform globally as an obvious choice for traders.

Additionally, backtesting on real tick data is possible in MT5. The closest thing offered by MT4 is modeled ticks based on M1 data. Our trading platform uses Expert Advisors for automated trading and places trades on your behalf based on the assumptions you feed in. You can use our strategies to trade multiple assets at once and develop or purchase existing trading robots that make your automatic trading experience even more seamless.

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