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Fostering deeper spaces for collaboration and reflection and explicit inclusion of marginalized groups requires patience, time, and sustained commitment and support from participants, facilitators and sponsors. Scientists researching the “dead water” phenomenon are investigating whether the Egyptian fleet may have been trapped in dead water, which can reduce a ship to “travelling at perhaps as little as 20% of its normal speed.” In 32 BC, one-third of the Senate and both consuls, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and Gaius Sosius, allied with Antony. Ahenobarbus seems to have wished to keep quiet, but on 1 January Sosius made an elaborate speech in favor of Antony, and would have proposed the confirmation of his act had it not been vetoed by a tribune. His land forces, which had been in Armenia, came down to the coast of Asia and embarked under Publius Canidius Crassus.

It follows Cinderella, a young woman whose life is turned upside down after her father leaves her in the care of her ruthless stepmother. Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is a visual masterpiece, so why was its reception so mixed? Many consider the original Lion King to be a perfect Disney movie, so a remake of this beloved tale was always going to displease a few fans no matter how it turned out. Though it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it is difficult to deny how unique this remake was. It loosely follows the same plot beats as the original, but the scale in which the altered tale unfolds is much more impressive.

Even though the movie failed at capturing what made the original so compelling, it is clear that a great deal of love and care went into its production. They bring him much-unwanted attention and, though he despises them at first, he eventually comes to embrace them toward the end of his story. The Walt Disney Company has spent the last century creating some of the most heartfelt stories to ever grace cinema. We generally find that there is a difference between the actions stakeholders need to take , and the actions that a central coordination team needs to take. Click on “Read more” to discover more about Backbone Support & Stakeholder Actions.

In July 2021 UNDP has a $1.2 billion portfolio of technical assistance for FACS. Antony initially planned to anticipate an attack by descent upon Italy toward the end of 32 BC; he went as far as Corcyra. Trapped on both land and sea, portions of Antony’s army deserted and fled to Octavian’s side , and Octavian’s forces became comfortable enough to make preparations for battle.


The alliance among Octavian, Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus, commonly known as the Second Triumvirate, was renewed for a five-year term at Tarentum in 37 BC. But the triumvirate broke down when Octavian saw Caesarion, the professed son of Julius Caesar and Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, as a major threat to his power. This occurred when Mark Antony, the other most influential member of the triumvirate, abandoned his wife, Octavian’s sister Octavia Minor. Afterward he moved to Egypt to start a long-term romance with Cleopatra, becoming Caesarion’s de facto stepfather. Octavian and the majority of the Roman Senate saw Antony as leading a separatist movement that threatened to break the Roman Republic’s unity. Octavian’s victory enabled him to consolidate his power over Rome and its dominions.

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We assume that the simple act of creating multi-stakeholder platforms means that we’re being inclusive. Before the battle one of Antony’s generals, Quintus Dellius, defected to Octavian, bringing with him Antony’s battle plans. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘action.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

He adopted the title of Princeps (“first citizen”), and in 27 BC was awarded the title of Augustus (“revered”) by the Roman Senate. As Augustus, he retained the trappings of a restored Republican leader, but historians generally view his consolidation of power and the adoption of these honorifics as the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. Niki Caro’s Mulan received mixed reviews upon its release due to its unique approach to reshaping the original’s story.

  • Octavian previously gained a preliminary victory in Greece, where his navy successfully ferried troops across the Adriatic Sea under the command of Marcus Agrippa.
  • Egypt’s surrender after Cleopatra’s death marked the demise of both the Hellenistic Period and the Ptolemaic Kingdom, turning it into a Roman province.
  • Cleopatra now advised that garrisons be put into strong towns and that the main fleet return to Alexandria.
  • Failing to escape by ship, he stabbed himself in the stomach upon mistakenly believing false rumours propagated by Cleopatra claiming that she had committed suicide.
  • Antony had not observed the signal, and believing that it was mere panic and all was lost, followed the fleeing squadron.

When the trumpet signal for the start rang out, Antony’s fleet began issuing from the straits and the ships moved into line and remained quiet. Octavian, after a short hesitation, ordered his vessels to steer to the right and pass the enemy’s ships. After Octavian’s proposals for a conference with Antony were scornfully rejected, both sides prepared for the struggle the next year. how to hire fintech developers in 2021 The early months passed without any notable events, other than some successful forays by Agrippa along the coasts of Greece, primarily designed to divert Antony’s attention. In August, troops landed near Antony’s camp on the north side of the strait. It took some months for his full strength to arrive from the various places in which his allies or his ships had wintered.

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Now this methodology offers a wide range of options for institutionalization and sustainability. Joint commitments such as land use management plans, new alliances and new projects all represent collaborative action with positive outputs. To support all this work on technical solutions this Guide provides practical ways for how to change food systems through deep collaborative.

  • They bring him much-unwanted attention and, though he despises them at first, he eventually comes to embrace them toward the end of his story.
  • No longer does she live her life hoping to appease her father, but instead to uncover and pursue her own destiny.
  • It follows the story of two canines from different walks of life as they slowly form an unbreakable bond as a result of their worlds colliding.
  • His fleet was waiting beyond the straits, led by the experienced admiral Agrippa, commanding from the left wing of the fleet, Lucius Arruntius the centre and Marcus Lurius the right.
  • Though it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it is difficult to deny how unique this remake was.

The remake features an incredible cast, with Glen Close, Jeff Daniels, and Hugh Laurie’s performances as the main antagonists standing out the most. The live-action approach also permits the screen to be regularly overrun by countless adorable puppies, further accentuating the movie’s already impressive awe-factor. Understanding the situation and getting clear on the outcome you are seeking can help you decide which form of engagement is the best fit. Over the past decade, we have continually refined this approach through the UNDP Green Commodity Programme’s national commodity platforms and dialogues. This upgraded version of the methodology incorporates our learnings and expands how it can be used.

They can no longer be viewed through a unidimensional lens but must be addressed in an integrated manner. Transformation must happen at the system, organizational and individual levels. To turn this to his advantage, he gathered his ships around him in a quasi-horseshoe formation, staying close to the shore tips for forex trading beginners for safety. Then, should Octavian’s ships approach his, the sea would push them into the shore. Antony foresaw that he would not be able to defeat Octavian’s forces, so he and Cleopatra stayed in the rear of the formation. Eventually Antony sent the ships on the northern part of the formation to attack.

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Featuring a phenomenal cast, story, and score, it is no wonder why The Jungle Book was received so well. Jon Favreau’s attempt at modernizing what seemed to be an already perfect story paid off as he perfectly recaptured the magic that made the original so wonderful. Disney has created some truly stunning remakes so far, but none have been nearly as powerful as 2016’s The Jungle Book. Like The Lion King remake, Lady and the Tramp struggles to breathe life into its main characters.


The overall design of the movie feels heavily inspired by the original, making it one of the more respectful live-action remakes Disney has made so far. In recent years, Disneyhas been pumping out live-action remakes of their most popular tales. Most have been received well by fans and critics alike, but some of these adaptations failed in recapturing the magic the originals were able to convey. Though not all of these remakes were as popular as the cartoon they were based on, the vast majority were approached with great respect for the source material. One might utilize a platform to support collaborative action— a structure that facilitates exchanges between two or more interdependent groups to harness and create large, scalable networks to address issues and create change. Previously our methodology for National Commodity Platforms co-created a National Action Plan which was handed over to government to operate.

Besides the 1994 Jungle Book remake, 101 Dalmatians, directed by Stephen Herek, was one of the first Disney remakes to repurpose an already classic story for the big screen. It follows the story of Pongo and Perdita, two adorable dalmatians whose peaceful lives begin to spiral out of control when their 99 puppies are stolen. Over the years, Disney has recreated some of its classic animated shows as live-action films, and these remakes are the cream of the crop. The city of Jacksonville leaders today encouraged residents to take hurricane Ian seriously and prepare for a major storm. Action News Jax asked Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry, what the city is doing to make sure Ian doesn’t have long-lasting effects like Irma did.

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His ships, though smaller, were still manageable in the heavy surf and could outmanoeuvre Antony’s ships, get in close, attack the above-deck crew with arrows and ballista-launched stones, and retreat. A medium ballista could penetrate the sides of most warships at close range and had an effective range of around 200 yards. As the Second Triumvirate formally expired on the last day of 33 BC, Antony wrote to the Senate that he did not wish to be reappointed. He hoped that it might regard him as its champion against the ambition of Octavian, whom he presumed would not be willing to abandon his position in a similar manner. Antony complained that Octavian had exceeded his powers in deposing Lepidus, in taking over the countries held by Sextus Pompeius and in enlisting soldiers for himself without sending half to him.

Understanding and managing the interdependencies globally in this sector requires more collaborative mindsets and involves putting in place innovative governance arrangements. Many are working on systemic change tools and methodologies but very little of this expertise is benefiting country-based collaborative networks. We have created this short overview to give you an “at a glance” look at Effective Collaborative Action.

  • In our minds, changing systems is about addressing root causes rather than symptoms, by altering, shifting and transforming relationships, structures, customs, mindsets, power dynamics and rules.
  • The large contingent furnished by Egypt gave her advice as much weight as her personal influence over Antony, and it appears that this movement was agreed to.
  • The remake, for the most part, follows a similar structure to the original, but certain elements have been added to help it stand out.
  • Antony initially planned to anticipate an attack by descent upon Italy toward the end of 32 BC; he went as far as Corcyra.

Click here to download the free Action News Jax news and weather apps, click here to download the Action News Jax Now app for your smart TV and click here to stream Action News Jax live. Mayor Curry went on to say people need to prepare for hurricane Ian, but they should also know that city officials are ready to help if this storm does serious damage. “The last time the hurricane came from the west instead of coming from the east it seemed to do more damage,” says Gavin. ● It can be used to develop a land use management plan or local policy reform. This methodology works at every spatial scale – locally, sub-nationally, within a jurisdiction, region, nation or even internationally. Government officials may resist or be unwilling to support project objectives, or one ministry supports and a more powerful one does not.


She was soon brought to the palace and vainly attempted to move Octavian to pity. Under cover of darkness some 19 legions and 12,000 cavalry fled before Antony was able to engage Octavian in a land battle. Thus, after Antony lost his fleet, his army, which had been equal to Octavian’s, deserted. Though he had not laid down his imperium, Antony was a fugitive and a rebel without that shadow of a legal position the presence of the consuls and senators had given him in the previous year. Some of the victorious fleet went in pursuit of him, but Octavian visited Greece and Asia and spent the winter at Samos, though he had to briefly visit Brundisium to settle a mutiny and arrange for assignations of land. A breeze sprang up in the right direction and the Egyptian ships were soon out of sight.

The battle took place on 2 September 31 BC in the Ionian Sea, near the former Roman colony of Actium, Greece, and was the climax of over a decade of rivalry between Octavian and Antony. These reference architectures are based on real-world customer deployments, to serve as a guide for data-driven application builders leveraging Actian’s portfolio of products. The 1937 Disney animated classic Snow White and the Seven top 10 technical indicators for trading in 2021 Dwarfs serves as the inspiration for the upcoming live-action reimagining, but don’t expect a beat-by-beat retelling. Jurinsky filed a lawsuit last month that is seeking class-action status to bring justice to the families who allege Niceta used her role as a social worker to tear families apart. Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella took was an already cherished story and modified it to become even more endearing.

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