AirVPN Review: The Perfect VPN for Streamers & Torrenters? Features + Speed Test

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The solution rapidly re when you move your devices between switches from WiFi to mobile or router connections without allowing any DNS leak. I can protect myself against hacking and illegal surveillance by using AirVPN to connect to the internet. I can implement anonymous browsing and hide my real location by spoofing my I.P.

Even when downloading files, the AirVPN connection speed didn’t lag. The only thing we noticed is that the computer had to work a little bit harder to stay cool. For regular, daily use, this VPN is certainly a good option. While being connected to a local server, we could easily browse the internet. We didn’t experience any lag in loading YouTube videos, and there was no delay when opening web pages.

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Unlike many other providers they make a point of saying they own all the equipment that they use so no thrid party has access to your data. Currently, the most secure setup is the OpenVPN protocol with AES-256 encryption. AirVPN supports this connection and provides a wide range of UDP and TCP options. Discover the full range of possibilities AirVPN offers and become an advanced user in no time with our beginner-friendly AirVPN guides.

Best VPN services 2023: Top picks for speed, price, privacy, and … – PCWorld

Best VPN services 2023: Top picks for speed, price, privacy, and ….

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The provider supports P2P and gives you access to all major torrenting websites. We do advise you to make sure you only download legal torrents. Under the “Servers” tab on their website, you can instantly see which servers are online, how fast the connections are, and whether any servers are having issues. If you scroll down, you’ll find the VPN features listed in vertical columns. You can also find the different subscriptions as well as the operating systems the apps run on. AirVPN has a website that offers a lot of information about its service.

Slow speeds and all kind of errors and…

I didn’t experience any lagging or disconnects—very good gaming experience. Back in the day, before the internet was flooded with VPN providers promising “unbreakable encryption” and “absolute anonymity,” AirVPN was a relatively popular VPN provider. AirVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee provided you haven’t violated their terms of service.


It can be a bit overwhelming, and the default settings already give you more than enough protection to go online. Even so, if you like tinkering with these options and have the technical know-how to do so effectively, AirVPN provides the perfect platform for it. However, AirVPN lacks features that are easy to use and understand. The Graphic User Interface of the desktop client version of AirVPN is also hard to use and operate.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

AirVPN — one of the best IPv6 VPNs — has a wealth of networking and DNS settings that let you configure almost every aspect of your internet traffic’s IPv4 and IPv6 behavior. AirVPN charges €7 (approx. $8 USD) for a single month’s subscription, with the usual discounts available for lengthier subscription plans. The cheapest of which is €2.75 per month (approx. $3.23 USD) for a three-year subscription.

AirVPN is a feature-packed VPN software that utilizes an open source client to create connections between your local device and its servers. The application allows users to connect up to five devices simultaneously. It works flawlessly with Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS, and Android devices and offers stellar support for various routers such as Tomato, DD-WRT, TOR, AsusWRT, and pfSense.

  • I’m a little lost and I have to nowcontinue to work on the subject as part of this installation I want to do.
  • If you look at our description of encryption and VPN protocol breakdown articles, you’ll see that, at the moment, the best combination for security is OpenVPN protocol paired with AES-256 encryption.
  • We sent out e-mails to all service providers to find out if they are responsive to their customers.
  • But the answer given by AirVPN’s staff on the company’s official forums was dismissive and even a bit condescending.
  • But it doesn’t go much beyond that in regards to features, and the interface is rather unfriendly.

Benjamin is a professional copywriter who strongly advocates for the freedom of information, which is why data security and internet privacy are his specialties. He regularly contributes to sites that focus on cryptocurrency, DeFi, and internet privacy. I constantly use AirVpn on my MacBook Pro since 2015, and on my iPhone – iPad. I never had an issue, of any kind, with it, and I was quite amazed to read the article above. Lately, it is very difficult to get it properly run on iPhone and iPad, but this is more the result of this country where I live in restrictions than the vpn in itself.

With AirVPN, you can customize many settings yourself, which can be somewhat overwhelming for new VPN users. When connecting to a faraway server, the download speed was twice as slow. All in all, AirVPN is a good provider for a more experienced VPN user. If you’re a beginner, we recommend choosing a different VPN, such as Surfshark.

AirVPN and Netflix

Also included are perfect forward secrecy, split tunneling, full leak protection, and Tor support. Unlike premium VPNs with several specialty servers, AirVPN dedicates only a few servers for its Double VPN or DoubleHop feature. Despite not having any special servers for torrenting, AirVPN is a good choice for any P2P activity. Advanced torrent users will be happy to hear that it supports port forwarding with a limit of 20 simultaneous port connections. Overall, AirVPN is excellent for torrenting, but it can do better when it comes to unblocking streaming platforms. Are you looking for a reliable VPN service that will protect your online security while keeping your data secure?

Wish there were a few more server locations though because they have a bit less servers than most VPN providers. But overall, very professional service and jam-packed full of features. Thanks to a detailed server map and innovative routing servers, setting up the VPN and gaining access to your favorite sites is a breeze while being protected by various top-notch encryption algorithms. Furthermore, the service is operational in China, it allows torrenting, it has respectable download speeds, and it does not keep any logs that could be used to track you down. Beyond its ability to get past the Great Firewall of China, AirVPN has pretty good security and should provide fast speeds.

Tinkering with OpenVPN

Most apps have, at most, a checkbox to turn it on and off. Most apps display their locations as a simple list of countries, for instance. Eddie shows you country names, but also the number of servers in that country, the available bandwidth, and the number of connected users. AirVPN has great P2P speeds, as well as key advanced features like port forwarding and a kill switch. As I couldn’t properly test AirVPN’s DNS leak security, I sent AirVPN’s customer support team an email asking about DNS leaks and if they offered stealth servers, along with split tunneling.

vpns for torrenting

The service was never accused of infringing the data of its users, but some factors, like the fact that the service is based in a Fourteen Eyes member country, have made us doubtful. If you’re a regular user of torrents, you may have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to gain access to certain websites or software. Before connecting to AirVPN, we had an internet speed of a little under 100mbps, with an upload speed of almost exactly the same. It’s based on OpenVPN protocol, which is the only protocol supported. This doesn’t present too much of a problem, though, since OpenVPN is now available on all major platforms – except Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. All users on a particular server share the same IP, which makes user identification difficult and ensures maximum privacy and anonymity.

openvpn protocol

You get a lot of options to configure your experience while using this VPN, but if you don’t know how to utilize all of that potential then this VPN is not for you. A nice middle ground would be Surfshark VPN – it has great security features, can reliably get around geo-restrictions, and can be used on an unlimited number of devices. AirVPN customers can choose from a huge variety of payment methods. Those include credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin, and seven other cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, this means you can pay for the service entirely anonymously.

In fact, when talking about VPNs that we actually recommend, AirVPN is probably the most intimidating and unfriendly of all. It’s still super secure and produces fast download speeds, but be warned that it takes some getting used to. VPN server selection is way more difficult than it needs to be – the list is long and there’s no search feature. Even worse, each VPN server is named after a star, which gets frustrating after a while when all you want to do is choose a city and connect. AirVPN is a fantastic choice if pure privacy is your priority.

AirVPN is a solid pick for the VPN enthusiast and expert user. While it doesn’t have the largest server network, it offers good features and the community is a great place to connect with other users. A VPN can be the fastest, most secure option around, but if you don’t know how to use the app, you still won’t be able to access the internet. This is why usability is an important element in our VPN reviews. The network lock acts as an internet kill switch that blocks my access to the internet if the VPN connection suddenly interrupted and lost for whatever reason.

US airvpn customer review, perhaps the most desirable streaming site, is consistently accessible thanks to the innovative routing servers, and users are encouraged to recommend new sites on the forums. All sites listed in this AirVPN subforum automatically use the routing servers and are consistently accessible no matter which main AirVPN server you use. US Netflix and Hulu are the two main ones, though the list also includes many TV networks from the USA, France, Italy and other countries. AirVPN isn’t the flashiest VPN provider, opting for a more utilitarian, content-focused approach to both its website and its apps. But it just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover, because Eddie is just about the most feature-packed VPN client we’ve seen. Eddie’s “Events” tab allows you to automatically run scripts upon various events – app startup, connection establishment and disconnection, to name a few.

I can also request for a free trial option by contacting AirVPN administrators. I can also avail of the 3-day money-back guarantee for any of the paid subscription plans provided I did not violate any of the terms and conditions agreed upon. The cost of the purchase of a subscription plan will then be refunded within 30 days upon requesting a refund. I can also pay for my subscription plan through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, and Monero.

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