What is the Best Payroll Software for Small Business?

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

QuickBooks Online Payroll starts at $22.50/month, with the Premium plan running $37.50/month, and Elite $62.50/month. All pricing reflects an initial 50% discount for the first three months, with a $4 per employee fee added to the base price. QuickBooks Online Payroll does offer HR features, but they are only available in the Premium and Elite plans. OnPay offers excellent integration options with a variety of third-party accounting and timesheet/timekeeping applications, and their support team is trained by the American Payroll Association. No separate mobile app is needed, as the application is designed to work on any platform and the application easily pays both employees and contractors, producing both W-2s and 1099s at year-end. Though there are some differences, these sites function similarly during the actual pay run. When you launch a payroll, they display a list of employees and contractors along with their pay rates.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Gusto, QuickBooks Payroll, and Patriot Payroll earned perfect marks in this area. To help you choose the right payroll software for your business, we considered 15 different payroll solutions. We looked at cost, ease of use, important integrations, convenience, reporting features, and support. With the right payroll software in place, your HR and finance teams will have automated support for the payroll process and your employees will have quick and simplified access to their earnings. The software you choose for your small business can significantly impact its operations and financial health. As such, the best payroll software for your small business should be simple, cost-effective and scalable, so it can grow with your business.

Everything You Need To Know About Small Business Payroll

Gusto includes unlimited pay runs and basic reporting in all its plans, providing everything a small business needs in a payroll software. Its core plan offers full-service payroll including employee tax forms, benefits management, and integrations with a range of other tools. Paychex Flex Essentials is priced at $39/month + $5/employee per month; you must contact Paychex to get a quote for its customizable plans. Additional fees may apply for add-on services, including time tracking, software setup, HR packages, tax services, and employee benefits.

This solution offers a comprehensive system for payroll management, accounting, cash flow management, financial consolidation, etc. It likewise integrates with Microsoft products, Realtrac, Skype, and Bill.com, among others. Further, it is fully cloud-based so that you can get easy access to your data whenever you want, wherever you may be. Additionally, QuickBooks Payroll interfaces with other Intuit products like manufacturing software, accounting software, and nonprofit accounting software, among many.

Are you currently using other software to manage your business?

Your go-to report when reconciling benefit invoices or preparing to send your 401 contributions. This report gives a breakdown of all of the employer contributions you have made for your employees. This report groups employees under specific employer contributions (e.g., 401 match).

  • As an HR manager or business owner, you can easily process payroll and taxes.
  • It even integrates with QuickBooks for small businesses already using Intuit QuickBooks products.
  • All features, including HR and complete support options, are included in the price.
  • You’ll also pay more if you add additional features, such as Time and Attendance, HR, and Employee Benefits Administration.

In addition to the abovementioned, Namely also has functionalities for employee performance review, time-off tracking, goals, team planning, reporting, and more. It is one of the most highly configurable solutions that you can scale to match your business requirements. Moreover, Namely utilizes a permissions engine to enable layered access levels to specific information, reports, views, and functions for better control over your data.

There’s plenty of payroll options to choose from

These are some of the best payroll solutions that meet these requirements for small businesses. Other types of software will offer payroll services as an add-on to a program you’re already purchasing, but we still recommend getting your own service provider. The add-ons don’t typically have all of the features that make the best payroll services so great, and they can cost about the same or more than the ones on this list. Payroll services https://www.wave-accounting.net/ typically require a base cost of $20 to $100 per month plus an additional cost per employee or independent contractor that ranges from $4 to $10. Many users feel like Wave was not very helpful when they called into the team, but most reviews seem to be related to their payments product. For support, they offer customers the opportunity to submit a support ticket, chatbot, live chat, and a help center with articles and tutorials.

What is the best payroll software for small businesses?

In our opinion, Gusto offers the best small-business payroll features for your buck. Starting at $40 a month plus $6 per person paid, Gusto calculates and files your payroll taxes. It also submits your end-of-year tax paperwork at no additional cost, which HR-first providers like ADP and Paychex don’t. Gusto also has more versatile employee benefits than most payroll providers, and its online payroll service is popular enough to sync with most accounting software options.However, the best small-business payroll software for you depends on your business’s needs, including how many people you pay and what benefits you want to add. If you want thorough human resource management, you might want to try a provider like Paychex or ADP. If you’re looking to save money, Patriot Software’s $17 self-service plan might be the best payroll solution for you. Before you commit to a payroll plan, thoroughly assess your own needs and make sure they mesh with your preferred plan.Still not sure which…  Ещё

There are better, less expensive payroll websites that you could use as a standalone service. SurePayroll integrates with several popular accounting applications, not just the standard ones like QuickBooks and Xero, but also Zoho Books and Sage 50. So it’s a good choice for users of some applications that aren’t typically supported. SurePayroll’s long, successful history and its acquisition by Paychex will appeal to businesses for whom company longevity is critical. It also serves a wide variety of businesses, considering its support of vertical markets.

OnPay’s API makes it easy to integrate even if it doesn’t currently offer a direct integration. That’s why we chose OnPay as the best option if you’re looking for integration. OnPay is also very quick to process payroll, and you can run the entire process easily right on your mobile device.

Similar to Square Payroll, it offers flat pricing for its easy-to-use pay processing solution that includes automated payroll tax payment and filing services. Its payroll platform is designed specifically for hourly teams as it comes with scheduling and time tracking solutions for managing your hourly workforce. It even offers job postings, applicant tracking, PTO management, new hire onboarding, and time clock apps. Aside from being affordably priced, the best payroll software for small business users calculates employee wages and deductions accurately and pays and files payroll taxes automatically. Most offer unlimited pay runs, two-day direct deposits, employee self-service portals, and access to employee benefits. Scoring 3.69 out of 5 in our evaluation, Patriot Payroll received perfect marks in reporting, pricing, and popularity among users.

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